About Us

Qikest is owned by Gyantra, Inc.

Gyantra is an Acronym for Gyan + Mantra meaning “Key to Knowledge” in Sanskrit.  It was founded by Kanth Miriyala and Vishal Srivastava.

Kanth has spent many years in technology industry and has been a successful serial entrepreneur.  He lives in Chicago.

Vishal first met Kanth at his previous startup. Like Kanth, he has worked in the technology industry for over a decade. He lives in Bangalore.

Besides the founders, Gyantra also has a very strong and committed team of technologists.

The philosophy guiding Gyantra is very simple-

“Make simple, easy to use products and services that add real value to our customers”

We are committed to delivering the best possible experience for our customers. You can rest assured that every product or service is designed to delight you.